Recommended Products

Available on Amazon

These are the products I like, use, or plan to use and they are all available through Amazon by clicking the links below, or you can purchase them through me when ordering a weapon.
If you have anything specific you would like to see, let me know and I'll add a review for you.


Wheeler Digital Torque Wrench

For Firearms

This is a great little wrench, made especially for firearms.  This is great for assembling an AR or even just installing a scope and mounting rings.  I bought this for when I was building my first AR.


Sig Sauer ROMEO5 Red Dot

Model SOR52010

This is an awesome little red dot I've had my eye on and plan on putting on my AR soon.  The reticle is a 2 MOA red LED dot and the optic is motion activated.  The motion activation (and de-activation) helps to preserve your battery life.


Magpul Rifle Bipod

Model MAG933

Its Magpul, so it's pretty awesome.  This is made for an M-Lok style foregrip. BTW, did you know that M-Lok was designed and developed by Magpul?  Anyway, this is a slick design and worth the money.


Walkers Razor Electronic Muff

Over the Ear Headphones

These headphones are really well built, great for the range


AXIL GS Extreme Electronic Ear Buds

In the Ear Headphones - Go Axil

GS Extreme delivers 3 products in 1; it’s like having Bluetooth ear buds, noise isolation headphones and electronic ear muffs all in one product. Make these your new ‘Go to Ears’!


Universal Magazine Speed Loader

Multiple Calibers

Loads nearly all 9mm,10mm .357 Sig, .40, .45ACP, and .380ACP caliber; Single and double-stack magazines.  Drop in rounds easily with no finger pushing or pressing required - Designed to protect your thumbs and fingers and magazine while in use.  Spring loaded wings give more stability for smaller magazines than competing products